What’s The Risk?

Prevent Harassment: Promote RespectSM, was created by experienced employment lawyers working to help businesses reach each individual employee and manager with a uniform message on the prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Offering this training online is convenient and cost-effective, but it also personalizes the message for the individual in a way that a classroom exercise can’t.

Offering sexual harassment prevention training may be required by your state’s law. Even if it’s not, training has been proven to reduce exposure to legal claims and minimize the risk associated with harassment in the workplace by:

  • Helping managers and supervisors develop the skills that prevent problems from escalating
  • Teaching employees to monitor their own behavior
  • Demonstrating the words to stop offensive behavior
  • Linking your organization’s anti-harassment policy directly to the program
  • Recording the mastery of the information in our built in LMS

Prevent Harassment: Promote RespectSM, is more than sexual harassment training. The program covers all forms of workplace harassment and protected class harassment. It also teaches users to recognize harassment and prevent all form of workplace harassment by using real-life scenarios based on race, national origin, religion, disability, age and gender. It even deals with retaliation for complaining about harassment.

We carry several versions of this program. Users get information tailored to their specific job function and training needs.

  • Managers
  • Employees
  • Spanish speaking Employees
  • Supervisors in states requiring a two hour training commitment

Prevent Harassment: Promote RespectSM, is online and interactive. All the versions use realistic dialogue, engaging graphics and highly interactive exercises that allow participants to practice their skills and get feedback about their ability to recognize and prevent workplace harassment.

The program tests and tracks the progress. The built-in LMS component provides information about participants’ progress and assure that they master the skills they need.
Users can take this training any time and anywhere they can log into the internet. They can do as much or as little of the program in one sitting, saving notes to a notebook for later. They will be able to read and digest your internal company policy on harassment prevention and take their time with the content overall.

To learn more please email info@employertraining.com. For a four minute preview, click here. And to arrange a full trial preview of any of our programs, please contact ejordan@employertraining.com or call (732) 974-7526

Get started on that to-do item now. Put harassment prevention training behind you and your staff. Help create a respectful environment and avoid costly litigation.

Who We Serve

Prevent Harassment: Promote RespectSM, is used across the country by companies of every size and type. All industries can benefit from this vital segment of workplace training. Individual installations as well as multi-unit corporations find this topic to be uniquely suited for online presentation.

Some of our customers include:

  • Corporate entities
  • Government entities
  • Restaurant, Retail and Hotel companies
  • Educational facilities, including schools and universities
  • Healthcare
  • Non-profit entities
  • Public employers
  • Manufacturing
  • Financial industry and Banking


We have people in 22 states. Bringing them together for this ongoing training was just not feasible.
Tara, non profit manager

Featured Products

Our leading product, Prevent Harassment: Promote RespectSM, is a set of online training programs that help to prevent all forms of workplace harassment.

Our programs:

  • Manager Version: 45 minute program and quiz, designed for harassment issues specific to managers and supervisors
  • Employee version: 30 minute program designed to help identify and avoid harassment behaviors, as well as learning how to report an incident witnessed or experienced.
  • Customized versions: We have programs that have been customized for use in colleges and universities and for employees and managers in Canada. Contact us for more information.
  • Spanish speaking employee version for those employees who prefer to take the training in Spanish.
  • Two-hour, timed version for supervisors based in a state that carries this requirement.
  • All versions cover all areas of protected class harassment, as well as Abusive Conduct explanation.
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Why Choose Employer Training

There are many companies that offer this important segment of your workplace training. There are also many that offer it in our convenient, online format. But few providers offer the level of interactivity or the high level customer service and responsiveness for which we have become so well known.

Employer Training is a small, women-owned business. Our staff is familiar with each client and their training needs and offerings. We work with the HR Administrator to create a succinct invitation for the staff. We make sure the investment in online harassment prevention training is explained, and that the instructions to log in and complete the training are thorough.

Employer Training is a cost-effective, simple way to complete this important workplace training. We strive to limit the time commitment of offering this training to your Human Resources office, allowing you to concentrate on the issues that require your personal energy.